south elm urban market volume one

May 09, 2012

this past weekend my dear friend Kristin texted 
me about an Urban Market that is taking place from 
May to November every Sunday here in Greensboro. 
It's called the South Elm Urban Market because of it's location
and because local farms, local businesses, vendors 
and artists can sell their produce and work.
I was so happy she reminded me so I found a sitter and 
headed there to meet my friends for noon.
The day was perfect, not too hot, sun shining and a breeze. 
The vendors couldn't have been more kind 
and educated about their products!
we stopped for a late lunch at Natty's 
and said our goodbye's after.
  It was a perfect afternoon.

this lady is amazing.
not only were her cupcakes the bomb
but she does all of her cakes from home
she's super woman.
if you live close by
have her make the sweet treats
for your celebration! 

Schoolhouse Farm
so many great things to say about this family
they had all of their kids sitting with them
so excited to share their products.
the honey was out of this world fabulous!
can't wait to buy some next Sunday.

Audrey & Clyde
this sweet lady doesn't have a website
or online shop but said she was about to set them up.
her hand made goods are adorable
and as you can see mostly birds- she had my heart.
I will post her sites once shared. 

Thai Pan
This Thai restaurant is amazing and 100% authentic.
I tried the peanut sauce and an out off this world
 tea they were serving up at the market-
my girlfriends and I will be having dinner there soon
to celebrate birthdays so I'll keep you posted! 
to date: I love it so far! 


Design Archives

there is so much to be said
about this amazing vintage shop here in Greensboro
It's all handmade and local art that you'll
loathe over time after time!
the images above are just a few of the 
things I fell in love with.
I especially would love to own "fat bird"


Dodge Lodge Farm 
 as I walked out I spotted this booth
with tables filled with cartons of fresh strawberries.
this mama couldn't say no- they were so sweet smelling.



  1. Thanks sweetie your blog is very nice, full of lovely photos :) I'm following you now!

    1. happy we could exchange and meet <3

  2. I would have loved to have been there, the pictures show so so much!

    1. I wish you could have been or could be! I think it's wonderful what they are doing, it's every Sunday until November- amazing.

  3. Oh man! I wish we had more of this kind of thing where I live... It's just too hot! Beautiful photos, lady!

    1. Thank you love, I tried to really capture how lovely it really was.