mother's day

May 12, 2012

there is nothing else in the world much like being a mother.
each day is different and within those days I find myself in 
new situations; falling in love more and more with my two,
finding new weaknesses and surprised by new strengths. 
Without Adriana and Ryland I wouldn't have pushed myself so hard
to be successful in school and to have the dreams that I do.
With them I feel like I can do anything even at my most vulnerable moments.

this day is every day because with each kiss, laugh, cuddle 
and I love you I'm reminded just how lucky I am. 
I have two kind and very loving little souls that look up 
to me and it is my job to be all that I can be and stretch to
all that I strive to be- so that they may be exactly what they
want to be and so much more in life.

they make me my best
they make me my happiest
my heart is complete

I am so beyond excited about Sundays adventures.
We're having an early morning breakfast with my family
(I'm making a country blueberry coffee cake!)
and then we're headed to a birthday party for our nieces
fifth birthday celebration- a mermaid theme pool party!
so many memories to be made.

happy mothers day
to all the mama's


  1. Happy mothers day, Tia!!
    You are an inspirational momma, and your awesome kiddos are the proof!

    Hope you are having a great day :)