etsy highlight

May 06, 2012


this lady is truly amazing and inspiring
and this edition of etsy highlight is special to me.
I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of months ago
at the North Carolina blog meet and was so delighted
that she shared a lot of the same feelings I had-
she is as kind and warm as her blog conveys and
I really look up to her in more ways than I can say.
her shop is an eclectic variety of all things vintage
which is very near and dear to my heart.
Every time I look around I see something 
new I want to buy and tell myself I must have.
here is a little more about her-
don't be a stranger- go say hello!

 shop highlight
 "Clementine and Nellie" is devoted to all things vintage,
with a smattering of handmade thingamajigs thrown in.
You'll find lots of housewares and decor,
jewelry, clothing and a little handmade art. :)
 The name of my shop is a tribute to both my maternal
and paternal grandmothers... both very "country"
in their own special, Southern way.
 My Dad's mom's name is Sarah Clementine,
called "Tine" all her life.
My Mom's mom's name is Nellie Rachel...
full of piss and vinegar and do-it-herself.
I love them both dearly.

about Brooke
I am a wife and mom to three kids (one with Asperger Disorder)
 I enjoy vegetable and flower gardening,
cooking and baking (I used to have my own baking business),
organic and natural living and lifestyle,
the outdoors (hiking, rock climbing, etc), photography,
 my faith is important to me (I am a Christ-follower).
I am also passionate about natural childbirth
(I delivered my son Noah naturally) and breastfeeding.
So, generally, I am a pretty crunchy gal. :)

there's so much more where this came from- 
click the links below to check it all out.

Thank you to Brooke for 
allowing me to do this highlight-
I can't wait to get my package!


  1. Replies
    1. she's pretty amazing and you'll love her shop!!

  2. Great post! I'll definitely check out her shop soon<3
    I really like your blog - would you like to follow each other?

    1. of course! and she is amazing- please do check her out <3