recipe box: eighteen

May 03, 2012

mama's macaroni salad

what you need
one pound of macaroni (any)
one and a fourth cup of mayo
one cup of sliced black olives
one cup diced cucumber
one whole can of tuna (any)
two teaspoons of celery salt
one teaspoon of pepper



what to do
bring water to a boil and cook macaroni to box directions.
once all of the ingredients are prepped (minus the macaroni)
toss them in a BIG bowl together until well combined

put in refrigerator to chill while macaroni cooks.
once drained and ready, add to mixture.

tip: to make macaroni a little cold and not so hot
run under cold water for a few seconds or throw some 
ice cubes in the strainer with it and mix until dissolved.
 mix until well blended. 
you can eat it right away
or you can let it chill in the fridge.
it's always amazing the day after making it-
so you can make it the night before if desired.
it's a good side dish on a hot day
or over lettuce greens.
I've been eating it this way since I was a little girl
and decided to share with you how my mom makes it.


  1. this looks great! i just made something similar the other day but instead of olives i used red pepper and some onion :) thanks for sharing!

    1. of course and thank you! I make a really yummy pasta salad with red bell peppers, fresh corn from the cob and shredded carrots, and top it with homemade italian vinaigrette! it's sooo good!