but it only just begun

May 16, 2012

my summer will soon fade with a sizzle in the hot sun
and I'll start up the every day hectic schedule that 
school ever so slightly sneaks upon me. 
I'm not extremely excited about this summer semester
I've got a class that pertains to my major but
with a teacher whom I've heard is just a fill in
and solely uses tutorials to teach- I'm terrified.
this not only is a subject I'm not familiar with in design
but it's with someone who doesn't really know what
they are doing either- but no matter, 
I really am trying to stay positive and open minded.
summer sessions fly by with them only being five weeks long
and are beyond stressful and crazy 
so we will see but enough of that-
this short summer has been so fun and successful
and I can't forget the best part comes in July
when we take our family beach vacation.
I can smell the salty water now.
Adriana is still in school but only has a couple more 
weeks left so for her summer hasn't even started yet.
I have a lot of things planned for the kids 
around the Monday-Thursday class schedule-
I just won't be as free as I am now with time.
here is a part of our summer in instagram
which consists of play dates, good food, ice cream 
adventures, park time and everything in between.


happy summer!
what do you have planned?


  1. You do have your hands full but I am sure with all that tasty food, your lovely kiddo's and lots of Starbucks, you'll do just great! You're amazing.

    1. you're the sweetest- I do hope I can get through it, I just feel like the time I have away from school is way to short. I can't wait to graduate!

  2. mangoes!!!! And oh my, that little boy of yours makes my heart swoon. He's so gorgeous!!

    By the way, I wanted to mention, I did get the awesome print and I love it! But you had mentioned that there was something else on the way, right? (cant remember :/) If there was, it never arrived :( If there wasnt, then never mind! jaja!

    1. there was ma'am- I sent it off weeks ago. let me call the post office here, it definitely should have gotten to you by now. I'll let you know <3

      and you are too sweet <3 he is a doll. I love him so!