recipe box: seven

May 27, 2011

veggie stir fry

what you need
rice noodles: two pounds
corn: two cups
edamame: two cups, shelled
cabbage: three cups, shredded
teriyaki sauce: 1/4 cup
olive oil: two tablespoons
sesame seeds: one table spoon
sriracha sauce: to taste

what to do
bring to a boil a pot of unsalted water.
add rice noodles and cook by
package directions.
should take less than five minutes.
while these are boiling-
put wok or pan on burner under med-high heat.
add two tablespoons of olive oil.
let the oil get hot enough
add corn, cabbage and edamame.
stir fry until heated through.
add noodles to vegetables.
now add teriyaki sauce and stir throughout.
top with sesame seeds
and for a spicy touch add sriracha!

I always add shredded carrot to the top of the
stir fry because it looks pretty and the kids love it.
I take whatever I have in the fridge-
today it was baby carrots.
I used my veggie peeler and 
made slivers of carrot to top their noodles!



  1. Yum!!! This is good too...


  2. Your kids are super cute and that meal looks super yummy!

  3. Mmmmm this looks really ymmy. Your kids must be great eaters! I wish I liked all these veggies when I was a kid.

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