vintage photography inspiration

May 10, 2011

I always imagine myself in a different time.
 where media and pictures were in black & white.
 where fancy pencil skirts and high rise bikini's 
 were all but the thing to be caught in.
 I loathe in a time other than the technology
 craze we're in now a days- 
even though I am thankful for it all.
 And can I say? I am obsessed with hats.


  1. I love history... and vintage photos! :) Things were so different in the past... I think it's really neat to learn about it, and I really enjoy doing so. :)

  2. Love all the Pictures!

    And I love hats too! Just need to get time to whear them :)

  3. I love all of the photos. I always feel like I must have lived in that time because those pictures give me the strangest sensation of bringing me back.

  4. That is stunning!
    What amzing pictures, gorgeous!