mommy munchkin lunch date

May 19, 2011


a very much needed outing
 since Adriana hasn't been feeling well 
and now Ryland is feeling yucky too.
to be honest, I needed a day like this since
 there has been so much negativity going on
 around me- it's important that I remain positive.

these munchkins might I add haven't been
 sick, no coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat
 kind of mess here for over half a year!
 daddy came home sick and inevitably got
the rest of us sick throwing our immune systems 
out of whack- but hey we'll feel better soon!!

 we decided to peel ourselves out of bed
& get some fresh air at the park with 
their papa Joe (my dad)
while I went on a run.
afterward we got some soup and iced 
green tea from Panera Bread- 
 a perfect much needed "feel better" 
mommy munchkins lunch date.
 I only took a few pictures.

 ready to run and it felt good.

 an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
 and soup always helps a sore throat.

 the green tea helped our throats feel better.
that stuff is delicious.

 little lady with her yummy vegetable pesto soup.
she is crazy about soup!

  mommy's caesar salad and green tea.
my favorite.


  1. What a great sounding day despite the sickness, though it sounds like a good cure for sickness! :)
    Hope everyone is feeling better.

  2. Aw, that stinks that you're sick... I hope you feel better soon!