days unposted [image heavy]

May 26, 2011

hello lovely's
it's been almost a week since I've posted.
summer session started at uncg
 and my schedule changed from free time 
to monday-thursday classes
 along with trying to keep the kids on their
 schedule- not easy to do but
 it gets done and I'm not complaining
I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you! 
and I've really missed blogging.
 so I'm back.

here is a collection of pictures
from the six days missed.

 horrible lighting. but I drew on hubby's leg with pen.
 two birdies. appropriate I think.

 summer classes start.
 baroque art book. 

 studying Italy classic art 17th century.
 studying in mciver.

 the room is all decorated and isolated from 
 the chaos of the school. 

 my studying area.
the dingy couch.

 the carpet that hangs behind the dingy couch.
It has character and I like it.

last saturday morning.
 ryland ready for breakfast at my moms.
 addi is always super excited
 when we're invited to have breakfast at grandma's!

 a relaxing saturday morning
 coffee and reading while the munchkins chomp.

we went to ham's for lunch and addi surprised me
 by showing me her cup she wrote on "mom addi <3"

daelan's fourth birthday party!
Sunday, May 22nd 2011

 birthday girl.
 adriana and ryland's cousin.

 sandbox fun!

 he loves..

 swinging on his belly!


 it's her party- she can hide out 
if she wants to!

 my little monkey.

 party goers.

 writing in the sand box sand <3

 she makes friends,
everywhere she goes. 

 he is known for scoping out anything on wheels
 and riding it around.

 bubbles are always a big hit!
meet aunt mary-elise, she rocks.

 my munchkins are a bit 
obsessed with bubbles.

 blowing and catching them!

 running for the big one she 
was trying to catch as it floated away!

 super stars!

 pretty little lady.

 ry and conner
best buds!

 handsome little man.

 very excited about the
 birthday hats daelan passed out!

 happy birthday to you!

 it was delicious!

 he waited patiently for cake 
 all day and he finally got it!

 waiting for her piece!


uncle seth and daelan!

we were invited back to their house for a 
cookout after the birthday party.
 down right yummy potato salad
 made by hubby's dad.

 yummy makings for 
turkey burgers.

 upcoming recipe box
 onion, tomato, artichoke and mushroom spaghetti sauce.
 I'll be doing a recipe box for this, soon!

the finished product!

 I made this soap dispenser a few weeks ago- 
shared from a genius friend who sells them!

 I decided it was time to hang some of my art.
 I am weird about that.

minimal & simple
 I've been getting rid of crap and trying 
to "simplize" our house. 
here is one of three bookshelves.

 our living room. 
 wall painting by adriana and ryland!

 my second bookshelf. 
I cleaned it out and spaced things out a bit.

 my lovely wreath made by Anna
& other wall hangings.


  1. Oh, boo for summer semesters! Mine starts on Monday and I am not excited.

    Have I told you that your kids are adorable. Yea, they are. =D

  2. Cool Beans! I cant wait to get the recipe of that pasta sauce :)

    Glad you are back!

  3. @bevin- I love hearing it and so do they!! <3 you're sweet. I am dreading this 20 page paper I have to write in 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS! good luck with everything, keep me posted on how the semester goes love.

    @beatrice- of course lady, it is delicious stuff- I can't wait to post it so you can make it!! I'm glad to be back too.

  4. Who doesn't like swinging on their bellies? ;) Well, at least I USED to. When my entire body didn't drag along on the ground. xD

  5. Addi gets more beautiful by the day it seems like! <3 you!

  6. @taylor- I know right! It was my favorite thing to do too :)

    @emily- you're a sweet soul. love you too dear <3