DIY mother's day gift

May 05, 2011

mother's day project
I had a really good idea
 and went with it and I am so happy
that it came out the way I pictured in my head.

what you'll need
 one piece of scrapbook
pearl wire
alphabet stickers
tacky glue (fast grip)
exact o knife
hole punch
stickers to decorate

carefully take corners in and tightly coil 
into a cone shape.
 glue the outside flap down. 
 the fast grip tacky glue will hold it as you glue
just make sure to press down on glued area
 and hold for a few minutes.

this is the finished
 shape after glue
 and pressing down. 

I apologize I didn't get a good picture
 cut two holes at the top point of cone
with a hole punch.

cut to slits on the front part of cone
 about an inch down from edge and two inches
 apart from each other.

cut ribbon and slip through slits.
tie a bow!

now you'll cut your pearl wire.

slip through the top point holes on cone, 
snapping one pearl in between another
 to that it closes.

this is how it will hang from
 a door knob or nail.

apply stickers.
 this is for one of Adriana and Ryland's 

apply other decorations.
 we used felt stickers with buttons.

finished project!
 you can put flowers or herbs in it.
 we plan on putting our roses fresh cut from 
our side yard and a dark chocolate bar inside!

a special gift
from my munchkins.
 Addi- "um mommy, there's an old man at the door and he has flowers"
 I absolutely love them.
 yes they call me "mom"


  1. your crafts are adorable as ALWAYS! And those are some pretty spiffy flowers too!

  2. What an excellent idea, I love it!

    and what a sweet surprise. <3

  3. so cool! will have to make it for my mom :)

  4. This is lovely! I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day!

    And thanks for stopping by - I'm now following you :)