blogger awards & other things

May 31, 2011

I've been awarded with two amazing blogger awards
 from two super fabulous ladies with kick butt blogs.
 It has taken me until now to get to it, sigh.
I super duper apologize.
so I'll knock them out now and get
to the new things going on here at two birds on wire.

1. thank the person who gave you the award 
and link back to them in your post
2. tell us fifteen things about yourself.
3. award recently discovered new bloggers.

 I was awarded a Kreative Blogger by 
Anna at her super creative and
Thanks lady, you rock.

  I was awarded The Versatile Blogger
 by a lovely lady whose blog, 
bluebell screams has become one of
 my daily reads! 
 Thanks again love.

1. I always wanted to have kids, and I knew that I wanted a boy and a girl. 
Once I had both, I knew my family was complete.
2. When I was a little girlI would drink Italian dressing straight from the bottle. gross.
3. My munchkins are the only one thing that can bring me weak to my knees but 
stronger than an ox all at the same time.
4. I have a serious obsession with comedians like Adam Sandler and Ricky Gervais.
5. I don't like bananas in my smoothies- it over powers the taste of everything else.
 6. I'm a fine arts major with a concentration in art education. I have one year 
to go until I graduate. I want to earn my masters.
 7. hubby and I have never been on a single vacation together, alone
but that changes this year, thank goodness.
8. I have tons of lady crushes, some of which include
Zooey Deschanel & Nigella Lawson!
9. raspberries & mangos are my favorite fruit.
 10. I love making tea and coffee super hot but prefer it cold.
 11. I never wrap a single present the same and are always customized
 to the celebration or person
 12. Our pup, Sassy, looks just like the puppy I had growing up
 his name was Teddy and their similarities are insane!
 13. I like my veggies raw, over being cooked but I enjoy them roasted too.
14. My all time favorite movie is Amelie. If you haven't seen, do so!
15. My munchkins mean more to me than this world ever will.

newly discovered among my 
amazing blogger followers
be a friend and say hello!

kreative bloggers
1. B at three.20
2. Samantha at heart shaped leaves
3. Rebekah at the yellow pepper
 4. Beryl at Beryl-Lynn
5. Bevin at all is bright

 versatile blogger
1. Beatrice at sewbea
3. Deanna at delirious rhapsody
 4. Megan at tattooed mamalogues
 5. Joanna at the cheerio family

tomorrow is the end of the two birds on a wire jewelry giveaway!
 I will be starting my new giveaway the second of June
 and I am beyond excited to feature a blogger and follower
 who has become a really great friend.
 keep your eyes posted!


  1. thank you!!

    I am with you on number four, and I completely agree would zooey!

  2. Thank you, Tia!!! I am so honored that you would award me!

  3. I know what you mean about bananas! They are very overpowering in smoothies and homemade fruit popsicles. :) You can't taste the berries!

    Congrats on the awards! That makes us both versatile. :)

  4. wow, thank you :)
    I will make a post of the 15 things hopefully tomorrow!