urban market volume two

July 02, 2012

I'm long overdue for a post on the vendors
I have enjoyed buying from and looking through.
here are some from the past few weeks. 
I will start doing these weekly as Sundays pass!

goat lady dairy
seriously guys
I have become such a fan
of goat cheese after not liking it at all
because of this company. 
if you have tried it yet- do so!
I guarantee you'll love the many varieties
they have to offer and they have
an amazing farm based restaurant.

seersucker chef

this guy is pretty amazing-
his dips are incredibly delicious 
and it's not the only thing he sells!
he makes everything fresh and uses
all local ingredients.

chaz's gourmet chow chow
I had only ever had chow chow once
before meeting Charles and boy was I missing out.
this chow chow is beyond out of this world-
we buy the hot and use it with everything, 
especially mixed into cream cheese!
it's the best dip I've tasted by far.

contact info
336 908 6568

Ben's Ice Cream

kid tested and approved-
this is Ben's ice cream made with their
fresh picked peaches from the farm!
this stuff is seriously creamy, sweet
and perfectly chunky with peaches!

info coming

 sommerville cornucopia
  I have bought many things from these lovely farmers-
those veggies include; zucchini, squash & kale!
you can tell their produce is happy
and well taken care of to be sold every 
week to lucky consumers like us!
there is no website or facebook to date.

coming soon

congolina farm

I just met these lovely farmers this past Sunday
and not only were they out of this world nice
but they knew exactly what kind of recipe
fit with their amazing produce. 
we purchased the beans 
& we've been munching since.
there is no website or facebook to date.

coming soon

Patillo's Patella & Stick Mouse

these ladies make the most gorgeous handmade
jewelry I've seen in a long time. 
each is absolutely original and unique
and I've fallen in love with a few necklaces!
check them out- I promise you'll fall in love too.

The Ice Queen

from ice pops to handmade milkshakes
this lady's got it going on!
it is totally kid tested and approved.
if you see this truck passing by- run!
she's pretty amazing.


I met this super cute lady the first week of the
market and fell in love with her handmade
candles that smell out of this world amazing!
I purchased one for a friend who loves it
and I purchased the mango for myself.
go check her out!


until next week
let me know if you've visited these farms
or have experienced the urban market!
for those of you who don't live in Greensboro, 
what is your favorite farmers market 
in your town? tell us why!

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