recipe box: twenty three

July 31, 2012

lemon dill ricotta dip

what you need
one cup fat free ricotta
two tablespoons fresh dill
one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
salt & pepper to taste
sliced hot house cucumber 
& crackers to scoop

 tip: the gourmet garden herb tubes are amazing.
they are organic and free of preservatives and dyes.
the pros, if you don't grow your own herbs-
it's ready to use, it lasts at least a month
in the refrigerator and it's fast to 
squeeze into any recipe!

we currently have garlic, ginger, cilantro and dill.
there is no peeling the garlic or ginger, grating, chopping
mincing or smashing, it's all done for you! 

what to do
place first three ingredients in bowl
 mix together until well combined.
 add salt and pepper to taste.
 you'll want to keep refrigerated until serving.
in the meantime, slice the cucumber in diagonals.
serve on top of, or on the side with crackers.
my friends loved it scooped up with cucumbers.



  1. Whoa, weird! A few years ago, I went to some expo with my friend and received a reusable bag and a sample of the Gourmet Garden herbs, but have never seen them since! Sorry, that was probably super random, but the dill caught my eye and I remembered!

    1. they save us so much time! I love them :) was it a good experience using it or bad? I always love to hear feedback.