adriana turns six

July 17, 2012

we woke up and did our usual happy birthday dance
and got ready for the day. she had decided she wanted
to come to class with me so she could see me dance-
so off we were, dropped Ryland off with my parents
and headed to class where she giggled and played
and watched me dance for a couple hours. 

daddy got off work around noon in time for us 
all to meet at the house and head out for a day 
of celebrating our little lady's birthday!
 we go to the children's museum to find out they 
are closed on the ONE day we needed them open.
thankfully, there were no tears so we packed up
the car once again and I headed to the best place
I knew would cheer her up- starbucks!
I got her favorite drink (split with Ryland, always)
a caramel frapp with no coffee and tons of caramel syrup
and a birthday cake pop.
all sorrows were forgotten and we headed to high point
for a movie and dinner afterwards.
we loaded up on popcorn and drink then headed in
to find our perfect seat to watch Brave.
and let me just say, it was amazing! 
not the story line I anticipated but boy 
every moment of the story line was exciting 
and I even cried a few times.
 It's a must see if you love Pixar!
We enjoyed a relaxing dinner 
and had ice cream cake when we got home.
It couldn't have been more perfect and
Adriana had so much fun!

thank you to everyone who made it extra special-
to family and friends who wished her a happy birthday
and/or sent her a gift- she loves everything
and loves you very very much! 

for more pictures 
find me here!


  1. It sounds like it was a delightful day! I can't believe the museum was closed but how adorable that you took her to Starbucks, that's the cutest thing I've ever heard...:)

    1. she loves it, it's a special treat!

  2. Replies
    1. that really means a lot to me. It takes a lot to kind of clean the blog and think of new ideas! I definitely wanted clean and simple :)