sweet summer time

July 17, 2012

summer for us has never been a big deal
it was like any other day but because 
Adriana is in school now, it's a break for her.
the time we had on the days when she didn't have school
we spent out or at home doing things- things we don't
really have the time to do with me being in school full time, 
daddy working full time and her in school all day.
but it's summer time, so this is THE time to make sure those
days count and to make sure she has as much fun as possible
before first grade sets in and the hard work starts.
and of course for Ryland before he starts
kindergarten Fall of 2013.

we've been keeping super busy with
 activities at home like art projects, reading,
going to museums and special places for them.
here are some pictures I wanted to share
of what we have been up to.

p l a c e s
b e e n

Ed McKay's Book Store
Adriana does a summer reading thing with 
them where if she reads ten books she gets 
a five dollar credit, so buys more books! 

Adriana and Ryland LOVE this place
it's got tons of art activities
and it gets their brain juices flowing.
they can be as creative as they wish to be!

Fun Fourth
a fourth of July festival Greensboro has
and we go every year, we were part of
trying to make a high five world record!

The Children's Museum
an amazing place for all ages
to become interactive with the fun
environment they have set up.
it's amazing!

The South Elm Urban Market
while this is more so for teens and adults
there are a lot of activities they aim 
for children at this wonderful market.
ice cream truck please?

happy sweet summer to you
soak up what is left because
it will be cold before you know it
{thank goodness}


  1. Oh I love what you have been up to, sounds like such fun things Tia--and I adore these endearing pictures so much!

    1. thank you ma'am. they are very much fun, I'm trying to keep it interesting and not boring for them, they deserve the funnest of fun days!