achievement surprises

July 02, 2012

I had no idea this piece of paper was in the mail
and on it's way to me until hubby 
brought it to me early last week.
I've never made dean's list,
so it's kind of a big deal for me. 
I've been working so hard to just graduate
that I never really slow down to realize 
just how good I'm doing or what my results are.
I'm so preoccupied with the deadlines, projects, 
papers, homework, exams- the works.
It's good to feel appreciated for the work I do.
It feels good to know that my work
really does pay off and that it's not just
another saying to make me feel better or work harder.
2008 was so long ago-
I should have graduated by now
but if I had, my career path would have been different
and I wouldn't have been able to work towards the family
I'm so so so so lucky and proud to have!
I push myself for them.
and now I have this certificate to show it.
end of story.

so cheers to graduation next spring
may twenty thirteen



  1. yay Tia! you should be so proud of yourself! you balance so much and to know that you're not only succeeding, but excelling... that HAS to make you feel good!

    1. thank you ma'am- it really does feel great to be as far as I am- the near is finally here but I still have so much work to do!!

  2. Wonderful--I thought I commented on this one--what an honor, so proud of you--when will you be done for good?

    1. thank you sweet lady <3 I will be done May of next year so 2013! I have fall and spring semester to go, all studio classes, 4 in fall and 4 in spring- which is going to be a challenge but I'm so ready for it to be done.