growing up

June 14, 2012

recognize this picture?
this was the day before Adriana started kindergarten
last August 2011 and boy did it tear my heart apart to see
 her so nervous and well, scared. I knew that it would soon fade
but the thought of her being so sad about not being home all day 
and learning the way she was use to, scared me.
I remember the feeling I had walking out of the room crying,
my mind was in constant chatter and panic repeatedly asking myself
"is she going to be okay?" 
"what if she needs me?" 
"I won't be there to kiss her boo boo if she falls at recess" 
"how am I going to encourage her if she's feeling like she can't do it?"
"will the other kids be nice?" 
"what if she's scared?" 
"does she think I'm abandoning her?" 
seriously, I couldn't get a grip on myself.
but I got through the first day
and realized that she did too 
and not only did she love it but
she didn't need me.
my realization: she's growing up.

I believe she deserves a big post for me to brag 
about how smart she is and how proud I am of her.
kindergarten was an extremely gigantic step for Adriana-
It was a new concept and environment for her as she never
went to any kind of day care or preschool prior
and for her to catch on so quickly really put my worries to rest.
I love the school, I loved her teachers 
and I love the progress Adriana made from beginning to end.

 She soaks up everything and encourages herself to push harder
to achieve the goals she sets for herself, yes you heard me right,
the goals she sets.

moments like
being a part of writing a class book

and earning fancy awards like these

because she spends her spare time doing things
like perfecting her letters and reading. a lot.

I can't believe how much she has grown.
I'm so out of this world proud of her.
She reads constantly and is always writing in her notebooks 
and activity journals. She loves math, science and history so much
that she begged her teachers to let her bring home activity books
to work on and books from the library to learn more!
I have made it a point to purchase more books in those subjects
since she thrives to learn about them.

so here is a series of photos I took of her in the mornings 
when I could remember- some before we left 
and some in the car before getting out

this is Adriana on the first day

 and here she is on the morning of her last day of kindergarten
happy as could be to finally be a first grader.

She's my little book worm, writer and artist
and reminds me every day how much she wants to be a 
veterinarian when she grows up.
I know that will change as the years go on and she gets older
but the one thing that will never change is how much I love her
and how proud I am to watch her blossom and grow.
she believes in herself and knows she can be anything she 
wants to be and so much more-
so watch out first grade, here she comes!

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  1. She is so pretty! and I love to read about how much she loves learning. Congratulations to her being a first grader!! :D

    1. thank you ma'am- she likes to read what I say about her too :)

  2. That first picture is so precious it just kills me. I'm so glad you she had a good first year of school. I love seeing how much kindlers grow in just one year. She looks like a beautiful little lady now :o)

    1. she is so proud of herself, it's cute. you're right it's lovely to see how much they grow- I remember her looking so young going in, now she looks like a first grader! <3

  3. she has changed quite a bit through the school year, they both look so much younger in that first photo, and what a precious photo it is! What a keeper, man oh man that photo is amazing--and your fears in the beginning, bless your heart...oh boy, those fears just change a bit from the type of fear, and it's a constant letting go, moving on, yet holding close, yet holding from a distance type of thing we need to do as parents...she is doing so well, she sounds like she is going to be the president or something! hahaha perfecting her letters....seriously sounds like my daughter, she STILL does that, she'll even hold her homework up for me and say, "Can you tell this says _____?" LOL she's a perfectionist that way.
    Loved the selection of photos you posted what a face and personality she has, so so precious. Thanks for sharing this Tia, and good job momma!!!

    1. you're sweet, thank you lady. I can definitely say that my fears have somewhat changed in a way where I had to learn to let go and let her do her thing- I just get so scared of the situations I can't control. It's terrifying. Adriana is a bit of a perfectionist, it's cute and hopefully doesn't get too serious, I think that's funny your daughter is the same way :)

  4. really, she is like a super model. The first picture of the 2 is so beautiful.