urban market finds

June 09, 2012

week two
peaches from Dodge Lodge Farm
sourdough load from Cheesecakes by Alex
jalapeno goat cheese spread from Goat Lady Dairy

week three
rosemary baguette from Cheesecakes by Alex
strawberries from Dodge Lodge Farm
zucchini and squash from Sommerville Cornucopia
squash pickles from Providence Preserves
triple heat goat cheese spread from Goat Lady Dairy


  1. We are happy to be at the new Sunday South Elm Urban Market. Thanks for sharing your interest in our farm and artisan products. All the best to you and yours, GOAT LADY DAIRY.

    1. It means so much to me that you came and visited the blog- I am in love with your products. I never liked goat cheese until I met Goat Lady Dairy so you have made me a believer! I will be posting a follow up of weeks two and three, you guys are included, I will list your website and facebook! Thanks again for coming by.