what's in your lunchbox?

June 12, 2012

so this is the last of Adriana's lunches until August 2012
she will be starting first grade!

 lunch day eighty one 
a cucumber and cream cheese butterfly shaped sandwich
 a whole clementine
sun dried tomato crackers
and chocolate covered sunflower seeds

 lunch day eighty two
 mini whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and strawberries
 lemonade cookies
 white cheddar popcorn
 kiwi and mandarin orange kabobs 
and dried cranberries

lunch day eighty three
lime and cilantro beef on rice with pickled onions
 mango chunks
 rice krispie treat stars 
and annie's gummies

lunch day eight four
roasted sweet potato mash with brown sugar 
 topped with roasted broccoli
 fuji apple slices
 mini crackers and cheese
and a caramel candy 

 lunch day eighty five
creamy cheesy garlic pasta
caramel white fudge popcorn
raw broccoli
 mandarin oranges 
and a heart shaped marshmallow

lunch day eighty six
macaroni salad with tuna
 red grapes
 sweet yellow pepper
 local strawberries 
and a yogurt covered pretzel

lunch day eighty seven
vegetable lentil soup
 raw broccoli
 corn on the cob
whole grain rice krispie chunks 
and a strawberry tower

 lunch day eighty eight
krab roll "flower"
 shelled edamame
 sweet orange pepper rings
 asian pear wedges 
and pickled ginger

lunch day eighty nine
very cheesy spiral mac n cheese
 kiwi halves
 mini apple cinnamon rice cakes
 celery chunks
 and a strawberry real fruit roll up

lunch day ninety
brown rice with broccoli
 mango chunks
 annie's honey graham bunnies
 baby carrots
 and white chocolate chips 

lunch day ninety one
french toast with maple syrup
 blueberry and peach chunk kabobs
 granola chunks with raisins 
and a heart shaped raspberry fruit strip

lunch day ninety two
tuna salad and wheat bread "sushi" roll and cheese star
 white cheddar popcorn
 kiwi slices
apple cinnamon straws 
 and annie's citrus gummies

 lunch day ninety three
spaghetti with (turkey & onion) sauce
annie's bunny pretzels
 mandarin oranges
 dark chocolate & roasted peanut brownie chunks 
and dried cranberries with white chocolate chips

 lunch day ninety four
vegetable stir fry with noodles
 lemonade cookies
 local strawberries 
and annie's citrus gummies

lunch day ninety five
a peanut butter and jelly mini wheat bagel
 kiwi sticks
 white cheddar popcorn
 apple and mandarin orange chunks 
and a milk chocolate and coconut wafer

I had a few questions about there not being a lunch
for every day and I wanted to clarify that.
There were some days I did not pack her lunch because
of class parties, field trips, sick days and some times not having time in the morning.
I hope that answers it for you guys!

stay tuned for what's coming next with our lunches
we're going to be doing a book 
and I can't wait to share it with you all!


  1. Gosh these all look so delicious and so special. Is she so excited to be done with kindergarten? yay!

    ps a book?!?!

    1. thank you! she is so happy to be a first grader. It's different this time around. She was really quite afraid to start kindergarten and now that she's got a year under her belt it's like she's ready to take on the world, haha! she is a bit nervous about new friends and a new teacher but she is also very eager to start the new year as a first grader!

      a book! yes. I can't share too much right now but I've been contacted to do a book with the lunches, some old, some new, the idea's we come up with, recipes, short cuts and how I do some of the things I do, like "bread sushi" :) I'll share more as soon as I can!

  2. Wow these look like something I would eat, haha. You're such a good mom making these healthy lunches. Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. you're sweet for stopping by! thank you so much for your kind words <3