what's in your lunch box?

April 19, 2012

lunch day seventy three
mini biscuit pizza with mozzarella and olives
celery sticks with veggie dip
white cheddar popcorn
chocolate coconut wafer

 lunch day seventy four
half of a whole wheat pita stuffed 
with tuna salad and cabbage slaw
mandarin oranges
lentil chips
dill pickles
mini chocolate chips

lunch day seventy five
krab and california rolls
a whole clementine
peanut butter granola bar chunks
crystallized ginger 

 lunch day seventy six
herbed lentils and rice
white grapes
white cheddar popcorn
mandarin oranges
caramel candy

 lunch day seventy seven
salad with fresh feta, croutons and dressing
a whole clementine
chocolate hazelnut sticks
dried cranberries

 lunch day seventy eight
baked bowties
veggie straws
white fudge caramel popcorn
annie's pink lemonade gummies

lunch day seventy nine
ginger zucchini with wild rice
apple cinnamon straws
peeled clementine
annie's bunny pretzels
heart marshmallow

lunch day eighty
cheesy rice and bean quesadilla
fresh picked strawberries
granola chunks with raisins and dried cranberries
kiwi halves
caramel candy


  1. Do you home school hon? I can't remember your kids ages, but i'm dyin to know if they love this all and eat it all? AND if you use those cute silver trays?!!! YOu are wonderful with these lunches!!!

  2. I don't- well I don't to an extent. Adriana started kindergarten this year- so she's been in a really great public school here in Greensboro. I made sure of that. Before she went to school, I taught her what she knew, what she needs to know- I continue to do that. I am doing the same for Ryland. I believe it is my job- more than anyone else to teach my kids the things they need to know. School is the more formal place to learn but at home, I reinforce and aid their education. It is my job. It is my job to mold them into the smart and lovely young adults I know they will be, they are in more ways than none a reflection of myself and their daddy. Did I answer your question? I kind of blurbed all that out, haha! As for the lunches, they eat everything. It is only Adriana's lunches that I make for now until Ryland goes to school- I'll do the same for him!! Adriana is very much our little eater- she eats any and everything. I talked about a lot of it in the interview with my professor in the Modern Ink spread she did for me. Its under two birds on a wire news on the left side of my blog! It kind of explains it all and why I do it. I use the planetbox bento lunch box :) it's pretty amazing and we love it.

  3. Amazing, per usual. I'm so hungry right now, and this post is not helping!!!