final: jump

April 12, 2012

it's that time- the semester is ending and I have so much work to be done. There are only two days left to the semester and all of my professors have made it a point to pile on the work, but that's okay because without the push, I wouldn't create some of the work I've done thus far. I just get so anxious about time running out, time that can't be made up for, time that equals hard work and sweat, tears and stress that all makes final grades. 

So, I wanted to post my final photography project. I wanted to share this with you because I've shared my past photography projects. This was a final where I had the choice to pick what ever I wanted my series to be about. I was really inspired by a picture I took my first semester in photography of my daughter jumping wearing super bright colors, the sun shining bright and the fact that it didn't have her whole face or body in it- it was perfect to me. I was completely inspired and wanted to extend this into something greater- into a project; a series. 

I'm really pleased with the body of work I have come up with so far- this is only a collection of the series. I don't want to post the ones I haven't been critiqued on by class, just yet. I have a few more days to shoot, edit and perfect my images but until then I would love to hear your input- please do share!