green thumb

April 16, 2012

I am in love with this poster for a lot of reasons. Eating local: this makes sense right? Where else would we eat? But it's more than just eating at your local restaurant or buying food from our grocery stores. Practically speaking, local food production can be thought of in concentric circles that start with growing food at home; the next ring out might be food grown in our immediate community, then state, region, and country. Buying local: There are countless reasons why buying local food is both rewarding and delicious, including enjoying the taste of fresh food, improved health and nutrition, environmental stewardship, support for family farms and rural communities and ensuring animal welfare. There is also significant peace of mind in knowing where our food comes from. One of the best benefits to buying food locally is having someone to answer questions about how it was grown and raised. What goes into that loaf of bread? Can we be certain that the hog that is now bacon lived a life without suffering? How do we know those jalapeƱos are salmonella free? Ten times out of ten they know the answer and are happy to give it to you. That's what kind of growers and sellers we want! I like to eat at places around Greensboro that do buy and grow locally. There are a few really great places like, The Iron Hen, Mellow Mushroom and Zaytoon, that are local, organic and down right amazing.

I bring this up because a few weeks ago I went to a store and tried to buy a loaf of fresh bread from the bakery. For sake of the store I won't name but it is a more recognized store for their great food and customer service. When I asked the baker what kind of flour was used, she looked at me in a gaze. I waited a few moments. I didn't really care that much to know, I just wanted to see if she knew because it didn't say on the package (like it usually does). She told me she didn't know. I didn't want to bother her anymore because if looks could kill, I wouldn't be typing this right now. She was really upset that I asked her. It's not any different than asking where my zucchini was grown- it's not like I asked her where the flour came from, I just wanted to know what was used. So, I left the bread, finished shopping and felt a little weird about it leaving the store. I called later and told them what happened and customer service was happy enough to help me. Was it that hard for her to answer me or did she really just not know? I guess I'll never know but it shouldn't have to be that awkward to find an answer about what is going into my food or where it comes from.

Growing Local: Boy do I wish I could. I have a lot of friends who have their own gardens whom I am absolutely proud of in that keeping up a garden is a lot of work- hard work that pays off. It really made me start to think, if I couldn't have a garden myself (we rent where we live) I would help those I know by giving them all of my leftover compostable foods, i.e. veggie and fruit skins and cores among other requests. It prepares me for the garden I will and can't wait to have. I've grown herbs and use things I can regrow in water like green onions and basil but nothing spectacular! Growing local continues the endless cycle of good doers and for the sake of this amazing poster the meaning behind it. It means that when we grow local, we buy and eat local. Starting from home and working our way out; eating healthier foods not just because it's "good food" but because we know what is going into it and where it is coming from.

Do you have a garden? 
If not, do you want one? 
What are some of your favorite ways 
to be more sustainable and stay local?


  1. Aw I love this print too!
    I want to have a garden SO badly but, unfortunately, there's no room and not enough sun on our tiny apartment patio.
    Someday when we're homeowners I definitely want one...lets make that a goal :o)

    1. yes ma'am! let's. I can't wait to have a green thumb- I want to eat everything we grow and feed the hungry around Greensboro too, there's no use in growing plentiful if you aren't sharing the larger part of the community that goes hungry day in and day out.

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