summer vacation: beach play

April 13, 2012

this post is all about my eco-friendly finds 
for beach trips or just hanging out at the 
neighborhood pool to keep the babes happy-- 
from toys for building sand castles 
to boats made for floating, 
these are the best toxin-free 
and eco-friendly pool and beach toys.
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Green Toys

Green Toys sand castle set has been a 
favorite beach side staple for several years running. 
As with all toys from the Green Toys family, 
they are made from recycled milk jugs 
and do not contain BPA or phthalates. 
This particular set comes with a bucket, 
rake, shovel, and sand castle mold. 
We’ve lugged ours to the beach and to the sandbox 
and back for three years and all of the 
pieces are still in great, sturdy shape.

Sprig Toys

With a focus on “kid-powered” toys that encourage 
children to stay active, Sprig Toys has come up with some 
perfect kiddie pool additions that are 
guaranteed to keep your kids creative juices flowing. 
Even if they're hundreds of mile from the 
nearest ocean, kids can imagine and explore life on 
and under the water with either of Sprig's maritime-themed 
play sets, all of which are made from Sprigwood, 
a composite of reclaimed plastic and recycled wood. 
The Dolphin Explorer Set includes an 
explorer boat and a rescue boat, 
as well as a figurine guide and two dolphins. 
The Scuba Set features an adventure guide figurine, 
a sport boat, and a little air tank. 


Boon’s brightly colored bath toys, 
 all of which are BPA-, Phthalate-, and PVC-free, 
can easily transition to become pool and beachside entertainment.
 We even spied the company's floating bath toy set, 
 which includes three bugs and a mesh net, 
in a fountain as part an interactive children’s garden, 
which just goes to show that kids will 
 love any excuse for some water playtime.
 Older swimmers will be entertained in the 
pool with Boon’s floating ring toss, 
which comes with a floating post and three rings. 
And Boon's set of rubber duckies 
(which don't hold water or, therefore, mold) 
are just the right size for baby to toss and splash with. 
In addition to keeping your kids happy, 
Boon donates 10% of its profits keep
 children in need happy as well through 
charities including Helping Orphans Worldwide.

Zoe b Organic

Zoe b Organic takes eco-friendly beach toys 
to the next level with their biodegradable beach toys. 
The five piece set comes with two cups, 
a shovel, a bucket, and a sifter that also acts as a lid. 
The groovy turquoise and lime beach 
toys are made from a corn-based bioplastic 
that is free from BPAs, Phthalates, and PVC. 
While it would be a shame to lose this set, 
at least you wouldn't have to worry about 
its environmental impact: the toys will
 biodegrade in soil, fresh or salt water, 
or compost in two to three years!

Tweet Toys Sailboats

Something about sweet and simple sailboats 
catches the essence of summer: Tweet Toys' sailboats with
 organic cotton sails fit the bill 
with their classic construction. 
Designer Willow Baus prints her own 
designs onto organic sateen;
 currently, there are three designs, 
including a funky floral print, 
but keep a look-out for more options. 
The sailboats are constructed form American Pine 
and finished with a non-toxic, tung oil finish. 

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