it never rained

April 25, 2012

our Saturday was supposed to be a rainy day so we embraced the idea and headed out early before it would start. I took an exam early that morning then we grabbed lunch, ran to the bank and finished up errands. I found some really cute wooden bird houses for a dollar at the Joann's here in Greensboro. I bought some really cute tube dress fabric to take to my sewing class in a few weeks, too! It was on sale and I couldn't help it. They were also selling paint for a dollar and we can never have too much in this house so I bought a few. We came home, cracked open our marble set and painted away two bird houses and a dozen flat marbles. Our next project is making homemade bird feeders to hang up on our trees. I found a cute idea via my pinterest! Needless to say, it never rained and our day couldn't have ended more perfectly.

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