recipe box: seventeen

April 19, 2012

olive dip

 what you need
one tall jar of green olives: about 2 cups
two blocks of cream cheese: about 16 oz
one tablespoon of mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste


what to do
let cream cheese come to room temperature or until it's soft
this will make it easier to mix everything together.
grab a cutting board and a sharp knife.
tip: reserve some of the olive juice for later.
cut olives- in either bigger chunks or smaller pieces.
 tip: you can buy them already sliced as a short cut!
We like them really little so that you get
a lot of olive in one bite!
once cut, put cream cheese in a bowl.
add olives, one table spoon of mayonnaise,
a pinch of salt and pepper and mix until blended.
if the mixture is a little thick- now is the time
to add the reserved olive juice.
this dip is seriously tangy and salty and so delicious!
you can serve it with any veggie- we like celery.
you can put it on sandwiches or you can eat it with crackers.
it's best served chilled but its just as good 
served right when you make it, we're never patient enough
to wait so it's gone almost instantly.

let me know if you try it
or have another version-
most importantly enjoy.


  1. YUM!!! Spanish olives are a favorite around here, too! I think I'll try this next week (I have to go to the store first. :)

    1. oh it is yummy, let me know what you think!

  2. Oh Tia this looks and sounds SO delicious. There are few foods I enjoy more than dips...especially of they contain cream cheese :o)