things that make me happy

March 31, 2012

emma key's [amazing flat top grill in greensboro]
lunch with dad and little dude

a much needed organic hawaiian coffee date with my sweet friend courtney 
chalk, playground, giggles, so much fun.
[doing a separate post later with more pictures]

packed away art supplies in a box
found and used successfully
[magnetic art]

 egg pals- we figured they need a little longer to grow.
[hair chop in a few days]

california roll [us sushi] :: chicken sausage, bean medley with lemon and salad
bacon avocados [dusti] :: butternut squash
tuna and cucumber sandwich :: corn quesadilla with pasta salad [old drought house]
bbq sandwich with brussel sprout hash [the iron hen] :: spinach & onion pizza with fresh feta


  1. aw looks like life is good :o) and your egg pals are just so adorable!

    1. thank you dear, they love them so.

  2. Cute blog sweetie and extra cute kids, they seem so smiley in all your posts lol I'm sure it's not always like that though. I love thier little butterfly and car, very artistic!

    Kelly x
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  3. I love your blog! Your pictures are just fantastic! You are very artistic!