welcoming spring

March 09, 2012

 [our bradford pear tree blooming]

I haven't had much time to take in the beautiful weather
and smell much of the spring time air we've been getting here because I've been so sick. 
 I have had a week and a half (plus a little) of spring break 
 and oh my goodness has it really relieved almost everything.
Today was the first day I hadn't felt like a complete bump on a log that couldn't breathe.
I got up, ate my bowl of grain cereal and did everything I've been wanting to do
since break had started for me, that includes;

1. spring cleaning
2. making sure there isn't a single dish, 
pot or utensil in the sink or dishwasher
3. rearrange and organize the kids rooms
4. donate all we don't use
5. re-shooting some of Adriana's lunches
6. reading and getting ahead on school work
 7. make our alfalfa egg pals!

the only thing I hadn't gotten to:
putting away all of the laundry.
I'll save that for tomorrow.

I am so excited to share with you our DIY spring craft
alfalfa egg pals-
I found this a long time ago in a Parents magazine but since haven't been able to find
 it online, not even in their web magazine database. so I have remembered my way
and have done it that way ever since- it takes a little patience but it is oh so fun to do.
I'll be posting that tonight!

here are some pictures I took of the the kids outside today-
Adriana was an explorer &
Ryland was doing tricks on his skateboard.
we're pretty excited for what the Spring season as to offer.


  1. Thanks for joining the Wet and Windy Weekend Hop at Planet Weidknecht!

  2. ahh these two little ones are such cuties!!!