giveaway winner

March 04, 2012

 congratulations Betsy!
you've won the 8x10 print below from the RiverLuna shop
 and a love package from me.
I will be contacting you tonight via email.

thank you to everyone who participated
 and to all of my lovely followers
& thanks so much to Marisa for being
such an amazing sponsor and friend, 
you're mad talented lady, you rock.


  1. ahhh!!!! And I had just written a post on how Ive won some pretty cool things through blogging!!

    I am beyond excited about winning this one! Thanks for the opportunity, tia! :)

    1. of course lady, I couldn't be happier that you are so excited. <3 can't wait for you to get your packages!

  2. Hey, I've been waiting for your email to send you my info :) Here is my contact incase you didnt have it littlemissbetsy (at) gmail (dot) com :)!