what's in your lunchbox?

March 19, 2012

 lunch day sixty five
 brown sugar grilled cheese sandwich
lemonade cookies
green olive and cream cheese dip with celery
diced mango
 and a mini yogurt covered pretzel!

 lunch day sixty six
california roll flower with ginger
 two oatmeal jammy cookies
edamame dip with rosemary crackers
kiwi and grape kabobs 
and marshmallows!

lunch day sixty seven
papa joe's famous baked ziti
 white cheddar popcorn
apple sauce with half a clementine
chocolate hazelnut sticks 
 and a caramel candy!

lunch day sixty eight
grandma's famous eggplant parmesan
watermelon wedges
mini wheat thins
yellow pepper flowers 
and annie's citrus gummies!

 lunch day sixty nine
peanut butter and peach flower sandwich
white cheddar popcorn
sweet yellow pepper and celery confetti
watermelon and grape skewers 
and a chocolate coconut wafer!

lunch day seventy
brown rice with a garlic/herb tilapia star
 clover shaped brownies
 kale chips
and crystallized candy ginger!

 lunch day seventy one
st patty's day
a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich
and peanut bunny m&ms!

lunch day seventy two
watermelon puzzle pieces
cucumber chunks
garlic and herb cheese wedge with dill crackers
dark chocolate hazelnut sticks
and annie's tropical fruit gummies!


  1. Joel and I are talking about getting this lunchbox for Lily, too. I've just been so impressed and blown away by how healthy and intentional your lunches for Adriana are. If we get one, I'm going to totally come steal your ideas! I should be copying them already, actually!

    1. i would be delighted for you to use the ideas! this lunch box makes packing lunch fun, for sure.

  2. your school lunches are THE BOMB, wow I am so blown away Tia! That starred Tilapia, hehe