oh rainy days

January 23, 2012

I can't remember the last time I saw the sun
 the house has been gloomy gray
 and we have been trying to keep our spirits up with 
 music and dancing and things that give us energy!

it's been a rainy, rainy weekend.
 though it feels like longer
 I'm being dramatic. 
 I don't mind the rain but sometimes when it sticks around 
it can make you feel a little doom and gloom. 
news to be heard: the munchkins have caught a cold, 
Adriana mentioned a girl in class having a fever on Thursday- 
I never will understand why parents let their kids
 go to school or anywhere for that matter sick, 
 especially with a fever.  

speaking of rain- the weather this year
 has been completely out of whack.
 we haven't had a really cold day here in Greensboro yet. 
 I always remember it being mildly cold in the November, December months
 and then getting frigidly freezing in the January, February and March months. 
 Instead there are tornado watches and storms everywhere. 
 I continue to keep all of those who have been effected
 by this insanely unstable weather in my thoughts. 
 I hope it gets better. 
 and would it hurt to ask for a little snow around here?
 just a little.

I suppose I will be imagining what the next sunny day will be like.
 Until then, the kids will watch a movie and play together
 and this momma will work on my design homework, read for art history, 
 and continue to brainstorm new idea's for all of the lovely
 things going on around here. 

 how's the weather where you are?
 are you rained in or enjoying your sunny or snowy day?
 happy monday!

1 comment:

  1. I would love some cold, wet, rainy days here. It's been sunny and warm for too long- it almost feels like spring, which means our summer will be unbearable. :/

    I understand how it can feel so dreary after a while, though... I'm sorry, girl!

    Sending some sunshine your way! :)