a peak--

January 23, 2012

I woke up yesterday, really anxious
 knowing that I had to finish cleaning the house
 and get all of the stuff ready to make our doughnuts
 for the photo session at three o' clock.

 I made sure to prep as much as I could 
so that there was less to do later on.
 The kids jumped with joy when Sarah got here
 as they were eager to make, bake and eat doughnuts. 
We had a lot of fun!
Adriana had a blast
 and Ryland...
well we had a mini melt down
 after he wanted to eat the whole bowl of frosting
 instead of decorating them, but boys will be boys. 
 he sat with daddy the remainder of the time
 and Addi enjoyed her "spot light"
as I do think of this more for her
 since they are her lunches and well, 
 mostly her healthy belly ideas!

I have only one photo Sarah 
 has shared with me to share with you all 
 and then a few of the doughnuts I took after!
  so a bit of a sneak peak--

 enjoying her masterpiece!

 I used a recipe I found on pinterest
 which was linked back to these amazing ladies whose blog I adore!
and let me tell you, they are so delicious. 
 I prefer baking doughnuts than frying, 
 not only because its less fat 
 but because it's far less messy!

 I will be making these again and adding 
 them to my recipe box so that others can follow 
& link back to the lovelies.
 I did a few things differently
 and had some trial and errors, 
 so I think posting those will help others
 when making these, too!

 thanks so much for all of the excitment
 good vibes and support in comments you guys, 
 it makes us super happy!


  1. 1. how exciting! I can't wait so see all the pics.
    2. these look ridiculously delicious!

    yay tia!