hello new year.

January 03, 2012

I have been thinking, a new year means I can start fresh. 
I always find myself getting stuck in old routines, 
things that become convenient.
 whether it's a busy day with the kids or at school
I grab whatever I can to satisfy my hunger
 and well it's got to stop. 
 I eat healthy, most of the time. 
 I buy organic when I can
and I try to remain healthy eating out. 
 When I say "I", I really mean just me. 

 It stops, this year.
 I will no longer find convenience in time and food. 
 I will prepare my day with foods that are healthy
 and okay to munch on throughout the day- especially while I'm in class. 
 I have made a commitment to cut all pasta, bread & dairy from my diet
 for one whole month. 

 I have really horrible problems with my belly. 
 I am always in pain and well there is no doctor that will see me
 and tell me what is actually wrong with me. 
 They tell me it's either in my head or its just IBS. 
 I have had an ovary taken out. 
 I have had cancerous cysts the size of golf balls on my ovaries-
see me and tell me whats wrong doc. 
 I am in the works of transforming my insurance so that I can see a doctor 
who will care for me and care about me enough to respect and listen to me.
Is it so much to ask? 

So while I am in that transition, 
 I am taking matters into my own hands
and to see if it is in fact partially a "food" problem. 
 This makes me sad because I'll have to stop eating some of my favorite foods. 
 honestly, pasta? I'm Italian for crying out loud. 
but I am willing to do what it takes to see if this
 is contributing to why I am in so much pain day to day.
 I love bread but it's cut. 
 I am not crazy for dairy, so no big deal.
More raw, less cooked veggies
 and tons of fresh fruit, as I do now.
let's go!

ten super foods 
I will indulge in this year
the super food has a link to a delicious healthy recipe!



  1. Have you ever tried brown rice pasta? We use it now to avoid gluten and it is pretty yummy. I have to say, I was hesitant at first, but I like it.

    Also, I'm still DYING to hear the news/surprise/information...!!! Is it a baby? I hope it's a baby.

  2. I wish it was a baby! but it's not- I sadly can't have anymore, even if we tried. It's more business type big news :) you're sweet!

    and I would love to find out more about the brown rice pasta. I love brown rice, and I love pasta so the combination would be delightful. Where do you purchase yours from?

  3. Tia, we get ours at either Sprout's or TJ's. In fact, I would love to send you some from TJ's for you try, if you are OK with that... just email me your address! :)

  4. Also, I'm sorry about the baby. I get excited about people having babies. :)

    Congratulations in advance for the exciting business type news adventure coming up! I'm sure it will be great! (Now I'm thinking it must be art or teaching related!!!)

  5. :) you are on the ball!! and there is no need to apologize- I get excited about babies too!

    I would love to try them- thank you! We don't have a TJ's. I have tried researching them and I'm still trying to figure out where to get them here. I buy quinoa pasta which is super delicious, have you ever tried that?