what's in your lunch box?

January 27, 2012

here is set three of Adriana's lunches, 
 these are some of her favorites
 and were some of my favorite to create!

 have you heard the good news?
it's about our lunches!

 lunch day forty five:
"turkey" peanut butter sliced strawberry sandwich
cucumbers with ranch dip
horizon mozzarella cheese
and a starburst candy!

 lunch day forty six: 
 lentil tomato couscous
sauteed kale with onion
mandarin oranges
chocolate hazelnut sticks
and dark chocolate chips!

 lunch day forty seven: 
gingerbread man and chrismas tree pancakes 
with marshmallow snow and syrup
white cheddar popcorn
dried cranberries
mandarin oranges 
and mini candy cane pieces!

lunch day forty eight: 
sushi with tempura sauce
steamed edamame
chocolate hazelnut sticks
and white chocolate chips!

 lunch day forty nine: 
broiled fish on top of roasted brussel sprouts
white cheddar popcorn
celery sticks 
and peppermint bark!

lunch day fifty: 
rotini with homemade turkey and onion sauce
herb cheese with rosemary crackers
apple cinnamon rice crackers
strawberries and mandarin oranges 
and a stretch island strawberry fruit roll!

 lunch day fifty one: 
a smoked turkey and swiss snowflake sandwich
french vanilla snowman marshmallows
white cheddar popcorn
chocolate hazelnut sticks 
and a yogurt covered pretzel!
 lunch day fifty two: (picked by her as her first day back lunch) 
vegetable stir fry
steamed edamame with sea salt
mandarin oranges
chocolate hazelnut sticks 
and an A for Adriana strawberry fruit straw!

 lunch day fifty three: 
tuna and carrot "sushi" sandwich
peanut butter granola chunks with dried cranberries
baby carrots
salsa and chips 
and dark chocolate chips!

lunch day fifty four: 
romaine lettuce with croutons and Italian vinaigrette
itsy bitsy strawberries
two big heart brownies 
and dried cranberries!

lunch day fifty five: 
heart pancakes
granny smith apple wedges
strawberries and mandarin oranges 
chocolate dip for all the fruit 
and a caramel candy!

lunch day fifty six: 
rice, teryaki chicken and broccoli
pineapple chunks
honey roasted peanuts
krab roll in sweet spinach seaweed 
and fruit leather straws!

lunch day fifty seven: 
chicken & vegetable soup from dinner
multigrain mini crackers
and a bite size lemon shortbread cookie!

lunch day fifty eight: 
heart shaped chicken, corn and salsa whole wheat taco
xo (doughnuts with frosting and sprinkles)
red grapes 
and a heart shaped marshmallow!


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  2. thank you! and of course- I am delighted to be a part of it this weekend <3

  3. Ohmygosh Tia.
    Can I be one of your kids? Haha. I love it so much!! :) What a neat idea. All those meals look delicious.
    I'm impressed that at a young age, your kids like healthy foods...kale, sushi, etc. That's amazing!! :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  4. Tia! Please come make lunches at our house!!!

    I've been wondering- do you roll your own sushi or do you buy it locally? If you make it, would you ever consider posting a how-to? (You'd think with my parents owning a sushi place, I'd already know, but I don't!) I'd love to see how it's done.

  5. Cami- thank you love! they surprise me everyday but Adriana is our little health nut, she eats any and everything!

    lady Cherrio <3 we have tried rolling before but in times sake for her lunches, it's usually left over sushi from our favorite sushi restaurant or we buy it local and fresh, already made (it's eaten within 12 hour of purchase). Now, I do make the "bread" sushi! Day fifty three above, is two pieces of bread that I smushed between two plates until it was pretty flat and then I spread tuna salad on it, lined shredded carrots on next and rolled it carefully, then cut to make sushi. I could totally show how to do that as it is similar in the technique! :)

  6. you know, I really, really love these lunch posts. :)

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  8. @Betsy, oh how I have missed you! I do appreciate it <3 we will keep posting them, just for you :)

    @Cassie- hello! Thanks for coming by and I am thrilled you're following- I will surely return the favor and I can't wait to become a daily reader of yours as well <3

  9. Thanks for stopping by and I am following also. Impressive lunches. Nice site.

  10. These are so awesome! Very colourful and I'd so come to your house everyday for lunch -grins-

    I've returned the follow! :D

  11. @Sunray- thank you!

    @Remy- I am so happy you came over, and you are welcome any time :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend. Looking at these lunches before I ate seems to have been a bad idea! They all look so yummy. Your blog is adorable. I am adding you to the circle of blogs I follow and will be back to read more.