I talk about change, a lot.

January 09, 2012

first, good morning!

I know, I know- it's often mentioned around here

I am happy to say that this time I am more open to this type of change. 
 Being a design major now, I have decided to totally embrace
 my inner creativity and love for art again- and I am ready.
 I am joyed to be able to share my new art with you, as I have shared the old.
 Spring semester 2012 started today, January 9th.
My schedule is pretty laid back and for the first time I am excited 
 about all of my classes and not just one or two of them.

 ARH 111: Survey of Western Art: Renaissance– Contemporary
ARH 350:  History of Photography
 ART 241: Design II
 ART 385: Photography II

 I am a little hesitant about the design II class because I have already taken it.
 Only problem is, it doesn't transfer over from GTCC to UNCG.
 Oh well. I think I will really like it- apparently it's all computer art.

More change? I think I may know what has been wrong with me
 for the past two years- the tricky part? Getting a doctor to listen, care
 and actually agree that what I have is real and that the pain I have been living
 with every single day, is just as real as their pay check.
 I just feel a little discouraged and why shouldn't I?
 I've been told I'm wrong and that it's all in my head for over two years now.
 I think it's time and with the research I've done
 I am ready to change my life and no longer be in pain.

oh! &
I still have that good news, I just can't tell you yet!
 I am just itching to- but there are still things in the works
 and I haven't had the go ahead to say anything just yet.
soon though, I promise.


  1. Oh I look forward to seeing your art!

  2. I can't wait to see your artwork & hear your news, how exciting!

  3. I'm so glad to hear you're going to have a laid back semester (you deserve it!) and that you're excited about all your classes! I'm dying to hear what this good news is...

    ps I'm so sorry to hear you're having health problems and I hope you find a good doctor who will listen. Why are they so hard to find??