we're sponsoring!

August 15, 2011

something a little new here at two birds on a wire?
we're sponsoring.
our first month: September!
 I am really excited for the chance to build
 relationships with bloggers who have shops
 and blogs who means as much to them as mine do to me. 
 I've got three different options with rates
 in which may or may not fit for you. 
 I can work anything out with you, just let me know!
 If you are wanting to sponsor for more than one month at a time
 we can totally work something out.
I want your blog and shop or both to get out there,
get noticed or get more business!
Two birds on a wire attracts all kinds of blogs,
 from homemakers, mommies, vintage lovers, foodies and more.
 If your blog fits here, you may want to think about grabbing a spot.
 my sponsor info is here at the sponsor us page.
all sponsor money goes to a good cause, 
 I will be donating the money to
 Adriana and Ryland's charity of choice from this website
We've done this before with birthday money etc. and they love it.
 I will try to find different uses every month for beneficial purposes.
 We will definitely keep you posted
 and I will make posts about the outcome. 
 I hope you will join us in being a part of the bigger picture. 
If you don't have a blog or shop
 you can always donate.

Just let me know!

looking forward to hearing from you-
 email me at ladyt72287@aol.com
 if you are interested in a spot!


  1. wow.. that's so amazing that you are using the money for charities. Even more so that you are letting your munchkins choose. Sometimes I have mixed feeling about sponsoring and being sponsored,but the idea behind this is great (and you've got some pretty amazing deals too!).