it's finally here: a stubby pencil studio review & giveaway!

August 13, 2011

I mentioned a couple of months ago 
that toward the end of summer
I would be having another giveaway
 and sponsored by an amazing company.
 I've done a review for their super fun
 and all organic GLOB paints.

my munchkins love this glob paint.
 I bought a set of them for Adriana's fourth
birthday party last year for the kids to go all out
 and paint with and they had a blast.
 not only does it clean off your hands
 and clothes easily but it lasts for a really long time.
super easy to make, super easy to use.
 we had two colors left from her birthday
 so we mixed them up this morning
 and took tons of pics for the review!

but first here are the facts
 Glob Natural Blends are water-soluble pigments -
simply add water to the dry powder and
mix to create safe, non-toxic, biodegradable paint!
Each pigment is botanically crafted from natural
colors found in vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, roots and spices.
Kids will learn that basil makes green and pomegranate
makes reddish orange and you can
be assured there are no petrochemicals, VOCs or other toxins.
The vegan formulas use cosmetic and food grade ingredients-
all natural, gluten free and soy free.
Set includes 6 vibrant colors:
Lemon Verbena, Tangerine, Berry Blue,
Basil Green, Pomegranate and Plum Purple.
Made in USA by Glob for ages: 3+

The paints do not contain any preservatives.
For best results, mix per project.
Left over paint should be refrigerated.

 we used the entire packet
 to 2 1/2 tablespoons of cold filtered water.

 this roll of paper has lasted for years!
 recycled, easel paper.

 we love this stuff.
 where can you get it?
 that's easy-
 just click here to go to the stubby pencil studio!

 so in excitement of Adriana starting school,
 Stubby Pencil Studio wanted to giveaway
 a handmade basket full of school supplies
 for one lucky follower of mine.

 even if your munchkin hasn't started school yet 
 this would make for an amazing present for
 a mommy in need, or for a munchkin you do know
 who is starting school to say "I'm proud of you"
or it could totally be used for a smaller munchkin
 who is in preschool- its totally up to you!
Don't be shy to enter, if you're a teacher
enter this to win it for your class-
 if you don't have any kids or are a mommy to be
 give it to a friend or save it for your munchkin
 until he/she is old enough!
this is for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

the school supply basket from
Stubby Pencil Studio includes:
Double Tip Pens 10 colors
Colored Pencils 24 colors
Eco-jot Workbook
Green Apple Pencils
Eco Highlighters
Snifty Pen
Double Pencil Sharpener
Zenoa Eraser
Zenoa Mini Stapler
Woven Paper Basket
Value: $50+

how to enter
only two simple things you have to do to (mandatory):
1. like Stubby Pencil Studio on facebook.
they have tons of new items and discounts! 
2. follow two birds on a wire blog.

extra ways to enter
1. share this giveaway on facebook (share link).
2. share this on your blog (share link).
3. recruit a friend to like Stubby Pencil Studio.  
4. go to the Stubby Pencil Studio site, leave a post back here
on something you see and like in the store!

good luck and happy winning. 
giveaway ends Saturday August 20th, 2011!


  1. These look so fun! Thanks for coming by my blog today! I'm your newest follower

  2. LOVE the pics of the munchkins painting. Following you back from A Creative Spirit. Keep stopping by as I am starting a new giveaway soon that will go on every month...... Looking forward to getting to know you.

  3. Aw, this is looks great. Id love to win this!

  4. Follow your blog and like SPC on FB.

    betsy_349 at hotmail dot com

  5. hold on a second.. you're offering me (a school teacher/office supply lover) an opportunity to win a set of free school supplies from a super cool company like stubby pencil studios?!!?!?!

    I. AM. SO. IN.

    I already follow you, but I don't have facebook :( Can I still join in the giveaway?

  6. extra entry:

    I visited their site and was excited to find Smencils!! I follow a blog of a lovely lady that works with that company :) One of my students has a chocolate scented one that makes me mouth water!

  7. of course you can still join the giveaway lady! no pressures to jump on the facebook bandwagon :)

    super excited you are getting this opportunity to win this amazing, beyond amazing basket of goodies!!

  8. Been a follower of your blog for a while now. I also liked stubby pencil on fb.