it's that time of the year

August 16, 2011

right before the season changes from hot
 to cold and clothes are needing to be gone through 
 to see what's needed for the chilly weather. 
 I have tons of Adriana and Ryland's clothes
 from last year that don't fit them anymore-
more so Ry because he grows like a weed
 and well Adriana has fit into the same 2T-3T clothes
 from years past and is just now fitting into
 4T and preschool size 4's. 
 All of the clothes I have of Ry's are size 2T.
All of the clothes I have of Addi's are 3T and 4T
the 4T shirt sleeves in the particular style are too short.
 So I have decided to do a shop my closet for 
 Adriana and Ryland
 and what they make, goes to their piggy banks!
so calling all mommies
 we have fall/winter clothes
 come take a look!

 I will be posting each within the hour.


  1. this is so neat! I wish I had kids so I could buy some of those cute clothes :)

  2. Hi Tia!

    You have such a beautiful family!!! Like Betsy, I have no children . . . just wanted to thank you for following my blog LaBelladiva . . . and I'm following your blog as well :)

    Have a wonderful week . . . Gina