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August 06, 2011

a vietnamese mix

this recipe is unmeasured, 
I apologize ahead of time.
I go by how much I know we can eat
 for meals like this.

what you need
jasmine rice (or any kind)
whole baby carrots
 mini eggplant (chopped)
mustard greens -optional (from Vietnamese store)
whole green beans 
fresh bamboo (cooked and sliced)
cilantro (chopped)
soy sauce
fresh ginger (grated)
 meat- if you choose
(I didn't use any but matt made steak for himself)

what to do
start rice cooker.
wash rice.
 add rice to cooker and follow 
directions on rice package.
it usually takes about 40 minutes
 for our rice to be ready.

use this time to prepare vegetables.
the package of mustard greens &other veggies
in brine from our local Vietnamese store are super salty.
 we rinse them off in a strainer keeping some 
 of the taste and boil them further for about 30 minutes
adding different spices like red pepper and garlic.

 add to wok
 carrots and green beans
 season with salt and pepper
 and light soy sauce. 
 add ginger and garlic.
 saute until cooked through-
 we like them crunchy!
 next cook eggplant with same ingredients
 you could cook the veggies together
 but I like the texture of some of the veggies
to be softer than others which 
allows more or less time cooking.
 after eggplant is finished,
 cook the bamboo with soy sauce and ginger, 
just until browned on both sides. 
 I slice them like little thin coins
 and they come out perfectly.

the rice should be ready at this point. 
stir and taste to make sure.
 plate the rice with veggies on top.
 add bean sprouts, cilantro and srichacha.
and of course enjoy! 

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  1. Mmmmm looks really yummy! Makes me believe that I need a wok :o)