an imageless post

August 11, 2011

more so an update on what's coming up
 and how excited and anxious I am about it all. 

for some reason, at the beginning of every semester
 I get super nervous. 
 like it's the first day of school, 
 which it is, but I should be use to it considering
 its every four months or so.
 I guess just the anticipation of the teachers
 and upcoming work and deadlines
 is what makes me so nervous.
 butterflies and anxiousness start even
more so august 23rd. 

Fall semester schedule
 every Tuesday and Thursday
Photography I
 Topics in the History of Art
Art + African-American Experience
Foundations of Art Education

speaking of Fall
 I can hardly contain myself 
in excitement for the season. 
I am trying so hard not to get all of the 
 bins from in the attic and
 decorating too early!
 I just keep telling myself
 September 1st.
 it's not a summer month
 so I consider it okay to go ahead
and decorate, and I will!
a super plus that I love about Fall
perfect weather
all things pumpkin;
 pumpkin bread
 pumpkin cookies
pumpkin soup
 pumpkin patch
pumpkin everything
crock pot dishes
 homemade soup
homemade chili
 and sooo much more!
 I'll have a Fall feature too.

 Adriana has open house August 23rd
and starts school on the 25th!
 I absolutely am still beside myself
but so entirely excited that my little lady 
 gets to embrace learning like she does at home.
 I am ready to see how much she thrives
 and how much she loves school. 
 It's all she can talk about
 which eases my anxiety about her being 
 away from me in an unfamiliar
 but soon to be familiar place.
 I may become a big bowl of mush-
but I'll get over it soon enough.
 I am just so darn proud of her. 
 I am so excited to make her bento lunch box lunches
 which I will be making a feature here
 for everyone to enjoy and make themselves!
 Adriana wants her first day lunch to be:
 sushi, homemade brownie bites, 
 strawberries, whole wheat crackers
 and chocolate milk!
 She even has her first outfit picked out-
jewelry, hair clips and all <3
 I just can't wait to share the moment with all of you!

what do you have coming up that you are excited about?
 do you love Fall as much as I do?


  1. Aw I'm so excited for Adriana to start school! If I were you, I'm sure I'd be a mess too :o)
    So, I actually am not a real fan of fall. it gets cold, school starts, and summer ends buuuuut your post actually made me kind of excited for the new season. Well done!

  2. I am delighted to have converted you to being excited about the season- it pumps me up for the super cold weather, christmas smell and music!! woo hoo <3

  3. Oh, I love fall. It's my favorite! Here in AZ, there is no such a thing... it goes from being scorching hot in the summer to mildly cooler in the winter. :/

    I can't wait to see pictures of Adrianna's first day! That is a BIG occasion for all mommies!

  4. Love the paint!! Thanks for stopping by and following me. I am now following you back! Have a great weekend.