what's in your lunchbox?

September 23, 2011

lunch day nine:
pb&j sushi  (wheat bread),
strawberry yogurt with strawberry apple sauce heart, 
horizon mozz cheese stick with rosemary crackers 
and annie's gummies!

lunch day ten: 
cheese bites and multigrain tortilla chips, 
pineapple puzzle peices 
and strawberry fruit leather!

 lunch day eleven: 
tuna salad with cheese star, 
rosemary crackers, 
cheese and grape kabobs, 
celery chunks,
and annie's gummies!

 lunch day twelve:
pb&j puzzle pieces, 
annie's cheddar bunnies, 
watermelon chunks, 
chocolate hazelnut sticks 
and a yogurt covered pretzel!

lunch day thirteen: 
horizon mozz chunks,
turkey and mini wheat crackers, 
watermelon and apple hearts, 
grape and celery salad 
and marshmallows!

lunch day fourteen: 
tuna salad stars on honey wheat, 
laughing cow herb cheese triangle with mini crackers, 
apple sticks with caramel dip, 
baby carrot sticks 
and annie's gummies!

lunch day fifteen: 
pb&j flower sandwich, 
watermelon balls and grapes, 
cranberry shortbread cookie with peach applesauce, 
white cheddar popcorn 
and a yogurt covered pretzel!

lunch day sixteen: 
strawberry yogurt topped with chopped grapes, 
apple fall leaves, 
annie's cheddar bunnies, 
black olives and horizon mozzarella chunks 
and chocolate hazelnut sticks!

lunch day seventeen: 
crab rolls, pickled ginger, 
steamed edamame with sea salt, 
orange sweet peppers, 
and fresh strawberries with dark chocolate chips on top!

lunch day eighteen: 
pancake hearts with maple syrup, 
half a banana, 
grapes and apple hearts, 
trail mix,
and a yogurt covered pretzel!

lunch day nineteen: 
ravioli with roasted garlic dipping sauce, 
white cheddar popcorn, 
garlic toast stars, 
horizon mozzarella cheese sticks with grapes 
and a caramel candy!

lunch day twenty: 
two honey wheat pb&j owls on a hazelnut chocolate branch, 
annie's cheddar bunnies, 
baby carrots, 
apple chunks with apple sauce dip 
and annie's gummies!

what's in your lunch box?
 we want to know!!


  1. this kid seriously has the most creative lunch-making-mom ever :o) I hope she's enjoying school!

  2. these are the best lunches ever! :) i wish you were making my lunch when i was a kid.

  3. Wow! You have inspired me to be a better lunch maker!! ( : Beautiful!!!

  4. these are so awesome. You are such a creative momma!

  5. Hiya, Found your blog through some common bloggy friends... It's absolutely delightful. I just started following you via friend connect :) so you should be hearing more from me in future :))
    Unfortunately, I am blissfully unemployed these days so the lunchbox doesn't figure prominently in my life :)
    Do swing by my Blog Siddy Says

  6. OMG, I love this!! Where can I get that lunchbox? BTW, genius idea of making lunch time fun + having a variety of eats.

    J.Lynn (new follower!)

    1. PlanetBox.com!! and thank you :)

  7. Just found your blog... I love the lunchbox you use... where did you find it? My kids always bring lunch from home- but I use sectioned off tupperware... I would love to find something like this! Brilliant....

    1. welcome! I use the planet lunch box- you can find it at PlanetBox.com! my kids love it :)