September 23, 2011

I've felt so completely disconnected from this blog. 
 not because I want to be or choose to be but because I just have no time for it. 
unfortunately, though I miss it incredibly so. 
 I've had some emails with questions and I'd like to answer them!

 how do you juggle your schedule and kids?
I honestly sometimes have no idea either how to answer this question
or how the heck I do it. I assume within myself that I have this certain will 
power that kicks my butt in gear. The end of this summer has been a real struggle
 with SO much change but I take it a day at a time and do everything I can
 to make the best of what's going on and the change that approaches me.
 I like to think I'm doing a good job. 

 what classes are you taking this semester?
I'm actually super excited I was asked this because I love bragging about 
 the classes I enroll in and how much of a role they
play into my life and future career.
 I'm currently taking this Fall 2011:
  1. Art and the African American Experience (art history, WI)
  2.  Photography (studio)
  3.  Foundations of Art Education (teachers portfolio, WI)
  4.  Dance Appreciation (studio, lecture, WI)
 They all play a role in my career and life and
I couldn't be happier about the semester-
 minus the stress!

 Is your daughter loving kindergarten 
and how is your son handling the "alone" time?
I'm delighted I was asked this- thank you for caring first. Adriana is loving kindergarten
 and the opportunity to make friends and learn- her two favorite things. 
 Her creativity is soaring and I am so proud of her. 
She has also taken on dance as well! she's so excited.
 Ryland is slowly but surely getting use to his sissy going to school every day, 
 I think it is more of an adjustment for him than her because his schedule
 doesn't change, as her does. He does require more attention and love
 since she is gone all day and that's okay, who doesn't need extra of those things?!
 I will say, it tears my heart strings, after dropping Adriana off at school, 
 when he says "I'm sure going to miss her today"

I will definitely get back to answer all of the questions!
 I have to catch up on posts too- I will be trying to stay on it
 every 2-3 days and will get back to giveaways as well. 
 I apologize to my followers for temporarily falling off the Earth! 
I've missed you all <3

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