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September 05, 2011

I took on some things that may have asked for more attention than I originally thought I would have but I don't- I apologize.  I am going to leave Adriana and Ryland's closets up since I have had a really positive feedback from them but I've decided having sponsors a few months out, is best.  I just don't have the right amount of time to dedicate my full attention to my blog, like I used to. With school back in session for me and Adriana in school now, I have to give all of my undivided attention, spare time and love to those things- but I promise, I'll direct some love here for you all too. I've missed blogging as much as I used to! For now I will share with you what's been going on, in a nut shell!

here's what you've missed
ryland got a hair chop!
 we went grocery shopping
 for school lunches!

she was super excited to pick 
everything out!

a very emotional moment
 after open house.

hugging before bed time
 talking about "changes"

books before bed.
good morning!
 up early to bring sissy to school.

i've been drinking, a lot of this.
 breakfast set up!
oatmeal with brown sugar and bananas
and orange juice!
very anxious little lady!
 ry's favorite breakfast
well one of them at least!
 first day!

sibling love.
ready to take on kindergarten!
my pretty lady.
busy at work!
look who "popped" into kindergarten!
two days of green apples, 
 soon to be a whole week of them!

a backwards five, which she notified me of 
but none the less, first school artwork.

the inside!
second day.
third day!
sixth day.

 I forgot to take pictures in between days
 of her before dropping her off but I got a few in
 and plan to take more. She has been much more
 excited day after day and less anxious!
 I am so proud of her. 
 Ryland misses her
 but we are working on it!

I will be making a separate post of Addi's lunches!

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