what's in your lunch box?

September 05, 2011

I have such a fun time coming up with new
 and exciting ideas for Adriana's school lunches!
She loves helping me think of things to do 
and watching what I come up with when she wakes up in the morning.
 I want to share this with you so I have made it a new feature
 for those of you, who would like to keep up, use my ideas,
 give ideas, share what you've done with your child's lunches
 and to give feedback!

first day
sushi (california roll)
cucumbers and cantaloupe
pickled ginger
horizon mozzarella stick
our homemade gluten free rice krispie squares

second day
cucumber sandwich made with love ♥
garlic & herb laughing cow cheese with crackers
celery and carrots with ranch dip
yogurt covered raisins

day three
whole wheat turkey and cheese star sandwiches
celery sticks
cantaloupe wedges
white cheddar popcorn 

day four
pb&j heart sandwiches
sweet bell pepper medley
strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberries on top
fruit salad
a rhino frosted animal cookie

day five
steamed edamame
steamed broccoli
mini salad with cucumbers, yellow bell pepper and ginger dressing
teriyaki sesame noodles
mini chocolate chips

day six
tuna fish sandwich with yellow bell pepper bubbles
fishy cantaloupe
celery sticks with ranch
a school of wheat goldfish with yogurt raisin bubbles 
candy fish

day seven
pb&j dino sandwich with green grape grass
white cheddar popcorn
red grapes
nutella graham crackers 
chocolate dinosaur eggs

day eight
turkey and mayo half moon with cheese stars
pineapple stars
grapes and carrot chips
space adventure goldfish
yellow and blue m&ms


  1. i love this! i was thinking about doing a feature about what was in gage's lunchbox. but then i got lazy. :) maybe i will around the holidays, when i can make halloween and christmas themed boxes.

  2. you are SO creative! glad to hear from you :)

  3. Oh, how adorable! I love how creative you are with her lunches!!!

  4. So adorable! She's one blessed little lady. You can make my school lunches anytime :o)

  5. Cutest lunches I've ever seen! <3

  6. cute!
    and high-five for teaching your daughter the importance of being healthy.
    so fun.

  7. awesome!!!!! i love this but i've seen soooooo much better

    1. thanks for your "anonymous" opinion.