hodge podge [super img heavy]

July 14, 2011

once again, 
I have become so far behind
 on my daily grind and blog.
 with my second summer session
 and munchkin time and planning 
 hubby and I's beach trip, addi's birthday party
 and everything else on top
 I haven't had time to blog anything 
 but the giveaway and winner-
 which by the way rocked-
thanks again Anna and congrats Diana!
 the next giveaway is sponsored
 by the one and only
 stubby pencil studio-
excited? well, you should be!

some things coming up
 Adriana turns five this Saturday
 and Sunday we're throwing a 
watermelon birthday bash!
I can't wait to show the DIY 
watermelon decorations 
and what the fabulous Drea made
 to contribute to what is going to 
be an extraordinary day!

my main purpose for this post is put up pictures
 from the fourth with just ryland
because adriana was at the beach 
 with my mom's side of the family
 and just a mix and match of the days I've missed
 blogging about but took pictures of.

we arrived downtown,
super excited.

he took a picture of himself

 here we come
fun fourth!

an awesome fire truck
 spraying water to run through!

 it was already so hot.

 thank goodness for the
 tons of water we brought in
our reusable bottles.

 tons and I mean tons
 of  little shops

 bright sun
 waiting for fresh lemonade!

 and waiting.
(the line was super long)

 out in the park
 waiting for some bluegrass.

 i love my little man.


 still super bright
 and super hot.

waiting in line to spin
 the wheel for a nemo tattoo!

 woo hoo we won!



 "shh mommy the bluegrass is starting!!"

 yum lemonade!


 and a rollin'

 and singing!

 and more rockin'

 slapping his knee
and dancing.

 more bluegrass love

 they were awesome!

 staying hydrated-
 we stopped at the summit station eatery.

more smiling!

 ryland's grilled cheese
and fries.

 mommy's bbq sandwich with slaw
 and onion strings.

 our favorite:
fried pickles!

 awesome stuff we found along the way
 chinaware chimes.

 lanterns made from wine bottles-
one of which we bought!

 painting time!

 a rainbow that turned into
 a more abstract piece!

 for addi <3
 we missed her a lot.

 ryland's masterpiece.


he didn't want to go.

 daddy came home from work
 and we grilled out.
(daddy's steak kabob)

 my veggie kabob!

 aside from fourth fun
 I got packages!
 awesome dresses from Bekah's closet-
you rock momma.

 and giveaway treasures I won from
 Beatrice made by Anna!
 an amazing clip for addi and
a pair of earrings for moi.

picking flowers for
 mommy & sissy

 good morning addi!

 my pretty flowers.

 japanese lunch!

 we love ginza!

 soba noodles with
fresh veggies!

 custom ordered-
 cabbage and onion gyoza.

 mmm soup!

the special band aids
 we use around here.
 they make boo boo's go away faster <3
all you need is a package of solid color band aids
get a sharpie or non bleeding marker/pen
 and decorate to make an unfortunate sad boo boo, all better.


  1. Aw I love all these pics. I'm glad that, though you haven't had time to blog, that you have made time to spend with your precious ones. that's way more important :o) I'm so glad you like your prize!

  2. sooo super happy about putting the clip in her hair tomorrow to match her outfit for her birthday day out on the town <3