July 02, 2011

it's one of our favorite months.
 for a few reasons!

this year is especially important because
 it's the last month before our little lady starts school.
but here's why we love july so much

july 4th- independence day! fun fourth celebration here in greensboro 
celebrating our country with good food, family and fireworks.
 july 16th- adriana turns five!
 july 17th- adriana's birthday party!
july 21st- mommy and daddy get our first vacation together.
july 22nd- mommy turns 24.
july 31st- last day of summer classes!

we started off july with cotton candy ice cream 
 and lots of outside time with loads of sunblock.
just a picture of ry!
 (adriana is with my family for the weekend)


  1. July is going to be a special month this year for us! :P

    and our birthday's are exactly one month apart, August 22nd here.

  2. ohmygosh, ry's expression is the cutest!