adriana's watermelon party

July 27, 2011

we celebrated adriana's fifth birthday
 at the movies and out to lunch.
 the next day we celebrated again
at her watermelon party
  friends and family.

She makes me so proud to be her mommy.

birthday girl.

 ready to go to dinner
& a movie.

 anna's lovely hair tie.
 it went perfect with her birthday outfit.


 lots of love.



handsome man.


 adriana's present from bubby.

 reading her card.
 which by the way loves more than presents.

 opening her present in excitement!!

 new dress up clothes!

 first round of presents

 first stop, starbucks!

 birthday drink on the house
 her favorite of course :)

 ry enjoying his drink.

 snagged a picture!

 tickled that her name was
 written on there!

 movie time!

 cars 2!

 it was ryland's first time.

 and addi's third.

 he loved it!!

the next day, we celebrated more!

 favor bags I made!

how many seeds are in the watermelon?


 I made addi's banner

 the watermelons were fun to make.

 picture time!


 thank you drea!
 absolute perfection <3

 snacks and cake!

 brownies I made to look
 like a watermelon.

 lots of watermelon!

 apple and watermelon salad!

 friends and family <3

celery man.


 baby nataleigh <3


 thank you great grandma!

 thank you shandra!


 guesses to how many seeds were in the
watermelon I made.

 hope was the closest at 47-
there were 48!


 thank you nana and papa ron!

 thank you grandma and papa joe.

thank you hope and nataleigh!

 thank you shandra!

 thank you nana and papa ron!

thank you grandma and papa joe!

 thank you aunt mo, uncle david and daelan!

 thank you uncle jj and aunt emmy!

 our sushi dinner after the party!
rice and rolls.

 my spicy tuna tempura- delicious.

 adriana and ryland's roll.

 the kids loves lemon <3



a big thanks again to drea
you made addi's day extraordinary.
 we heart you!


  1. LOVE the way you did everything!!! An I LOVE the theme!!!

    The hair clip looks great in Adi's Hair and My brothers LOVED cars2!

    Just to let you know there is a giveaway going on at my blog :) Check it out!

  2. what an adorable party and family! mine turns 2 next month and i should really start planning her party... like now. ha!

  3. Happy Birthday to Adriana! She looks adorable wearing her hairclip! It looks like y'all has some wonderful birthday celebrations and all the watermelon stuff is so cute. She'll never forget how special her mom made her birthdays :o)

  4. Tia! What a perfect party! You never cease to amaze me with your fantastic, artistic take on things :) I bet Addi loved it! Happy fifth to Addi! Xoxo

  5. What a cute party! Looks like so much fun!!

  6. Happy happy birthday to Addi! You did such a wonderful job with all the decorations and the sweet watermelon theme, so cute, I bet she loved it!

  7. she sure did <3 thanks ladies, you all are very sweet. Addi enjoyed reading each and every comment!