July 05, 2011

Using only one word, answer the following questions. 
Interpret freely.

1) Your cell phone? droid
2) Your hair? braid
3) Your mother? determined
4) Your father? jersey
5) Your favorite thing? family
6) Your dream last night? ridiculous.
7) Your favorite drink? chai
8) Your dream/goal? teach
9) What room are you in? bedroom
10) Your hobby? painting
11) Your biggest fear? tornadoes
12) Where were you last night? home
13) Something that you're not? lazy
14) Muffins? cranberry!
15) Wish list item? nothing
16) Last thing you did? this
17) What are you wearing? dress
18) Friends? grateful
Love? munchkins
20) Drinking? water
Your mood? rawr!
22) Your car? neat
23) Your style? hodgepodge
24) Something you're not wearing? socks
25) Your favorite store? kiss
26) Your Favorite Color? yellow
27) Your favorite place to eat? home
28) Favorite place you would like to be right now? beach
29) Your pet peeve? noises
30) Your favorite website? photobucket


  1. yeay! So glad you did it :) Its so much fun learning little random facts about people :)I love chai tea too!

  2. I agree with Betsy. I enjoyed learning all these random facts about you :o)