september, october &a little november.

November 13, 2011

I have felt a bit overwhelmed and took some time away from blogging
 to really grasp my semester and Adriana starting school
 so I have decided with the semester slowing down
 I could start posting a little more each day, as time allows. 
 I haven't however, stopped taking pictures so here goes
 this is what we've been up to the past couple of months.
(I'll be posting the next set of what's in your lunchbox? too!)

 homemade banana bread

 didn't last but a day.

 our biscuit pizza's with grapes.

 playing downtown

 cousin love <3

 addi started dance: creative movement II

 cultural center: skateboard art exhibition.

 morning puzzles.

 hot chocolate in bed!

 him too!

 and then out to the park later that day.

 ryland likes to pick things for me.

 Italian festival!

 we love gelato!

 and I love her.

 ryland made a friend: goopy.



 baby carly turned one!

all of the kids having fun at the party!

 sibling love.

 addi's art!

homemade, super light funnel cake!

 soy ginger sauteed broccoli over wild rice.

we buckle for safety.

 wacky tacky day at school!!

 dress up for halloween at dance!

 dancing to king tut!

 our halloween candy for the neighborhood.

 my friendly pup and sassy ballerina.

 yum yums.

 before school- super early!

 getting ready to walk into school.

 ready to hop out for school!

 grocery shopping.

 soo tired. she fell asleep after 
reading one of her favorite books.

 dirty chai with two shots of espresso.

 dear friend brought this to me from Hawaii.

 this stuff is seriously delicious.

 practicum art with kindergarten.

 adriana and ryland's complimentary sushi roll from the chefs.

and for now, that's all. 
 I am so excited to get back to this
 and share everything with my friends again
I've missed you guys.

 what have you been up to, that maybe your blog hasn't shared already??
I want to know!


  1. These are all adorable. Your banana bread looked so yummy, will you share the recipe pretty please? :)

  2. yes ma'am! I will post it soon <3