volume II

November 19, 2011

Turnip Votive Holders
these are super easy, super cheap and earth friendly. 
 they make for fabulous decoration on any occasion.
I am doing these for the holidays!

how to

what you need
votive candles
melon baller
1. For each candle remove the votive candle 
from its protective metal case. 
Turn the metal piece upside down and, 
use it as a cookie cutter to mark a circle in the top of the turnip, 
pressing down to pierce the flesh.

2. With the melon baller
hollow out the circle deep enough to rest the candle 
flush with the vegetable's surface. 
Place the candle (without the metal piece) 
inside the hollowed turnip.
repeat process for as many turnips as you want. 

tip: use turnips in varying sizes for the most interesting display. 

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