before 2012

November 19, 2011

I was surprised the other day going through some old papers.
I had found all of Adriana's baby shower cards- 
 five years old.
 I know I say it all the time but it wasn't until this very moment
 that I really realized, "holy crap, where is the time going?"
it sank in-
 This year just started and it's nearly over.
I have a five year old in kindergarten
 and a soon to be four year old-
 whom I swear was born just yesterday.
Not to mention turning a year older, gasp 25 in 2012?  sigh.
I'm a senior in college, with only one more year to go in my new major,
 so many goals I have set for myself (that's a whole other list!)
 But there is still so much that I want to do.
 there are things I haven't done
things I haven't even been able to do this year.
Well that's changed- I've made a list, a short list at that. 
 I shall add to it here as time goes on
 or as new things are accomplished but were never written.
 I encourage you to do one too and share-
I insist!

  • paint more, a lot more.
  • take the kids to a movie.
  • play at the park as much as time allows!


  1. I love this idea, I will work on mine today and post it tonight. :)

  2. I made up my list! a day late, but it's up! :)